Every Sunday, from 01/06/2019 to 05/05/2019, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

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Adult Class thru May 5

10:30 – 11: 15; In the Leadership Center, (southernmost building)

Each class will stand alone and provide information and written resources that will stimulate discussion and thought. Join us for any or all sessions. Allen Gjersvig will facilitate the sessions.

 Feb 17                The Gospel of Grace, Tools For Building A Positive Understanding of the Bible. We will use a book by Dr. Mark Wickstrom, Senior Pastor Community Lutheran an ELCA congregation in Las Vegas, NV as our guide. We will consider a framework proposed by Pastor Wickstrom designed for Christians to better understand how denominations, churches and individuals arrive at very different interpretations of scripture. His goal is to equip believers for respectful and productive dialogue, even though differences in understanding remain.

 Feb 24               What is Lent and why do many churches skip it? Lutherans and several other denominations prepare for Easter during 40 days of preparation. Yet many Christian gatherings don’t include Lent in the church calendar. Why? We will look at the history of Lent and how some denominations exclude this tradition and seek to understand our Lutheran Lenten practices.

 Sunday March 3: Discovery – each week we will examine the gospel text from the day’s sermon/message. Discussion will focus on where did it take place, what was the situation or context and what are the singular or different meanings of the text. Each week we will search the text for additional understanding and meaning.

Sunday March 10: NO CLASS

Sunday March 17: Class

Sunday March 24: Class

Sunday March 31: Class

Sunday April 7: NO CLASS – Cantata

Sunday April 14: Class

Sunday April 21: NO CLASS – Easter

Sunday April 28: Class

Sunday May 5: Last Class