Every Sunday from 09/12/2021 to 05/08/2022

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On Sunday, September 12 we will be recognizing the families who have students entering into Confirmation.  Kevin Anderson will send each family more information about this Faith Step.  Perhaps you might be asking …What are Faith Stepping Stones?

Faith Stepping Stones is a ministry that practices faith and discipleship known as “the Four Applications of Faith”.  These four apps are: Caring Conversation, Devotion, Service, and Rituals and Traditions.  The Four Apps of Faith are modeled and practiced throughout our Faith Stepping Stones Ministry.  This ministry considers life as a journey that encounters God’s love and extends God’s love in Christ anytime and anywhere.  Faith Steps at Love of Christ involves children, youth and parents in partnership with Sunday School teachers, staff, congregation and pastors.

Also, at Love of Christ when we call parents and their children to the altar of the church, we are reaffirming the promises of Baptism.  Some of the faith steps have a parent and child class before the actual blessing.  With each Faith Stepping Stone, there is a blessing offered, a prayer, and small gift presented to the child, and activities for the family to continue at home.  Please contact Kevin Anderson at   if you have any questions.

Sunday School will be starting on Sunday, September 12th!  More information will be coming next week!