Welcome! We believe that God has big things in store for every child and
we do our best to be a part of that  by teaching them God's word and helping 
them grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Sunday School and Confirmation continues

this Sunday at 10:15 am!
 For the first few weeks our classes will be offered on ZOOM!  If you are new and would like to join us, please let Kevin Anderson or Pastor Nanette know by emailing

Ages K-4th grade Godly Play

5th and 6th Grade FLYTE

Confirmation for 7th thru 9th grade







Hey Kids!  WoW has started!  (Every Wednesday from 6:30-7:00) We will be meeting on Zoom for the first part of our fall meetings.  Please email Pastor Nanette if you would like to be a part of this fun group!  ( )  We are all excited to see you again! 




(Faith, Life, Together)

5th & 6th Grade


Preteens are at a pivotal point in their faith.  They want to talk about faith but may lack the confidence to jump in. They’re eager to connect and make a difference but aren’t sure how.  BE BOLD helps navigate those waters by facilitating meaningful discussion and Bible exploration.  It’s not about having all the answers – it’s about being willing to listen to kids and explore what Scripture has to say.  BE BOLD turns questions into action and helps kids make a difference. They will experience the impact of faith in action through service to others. Our preteens will also be reviewing their Faith Stepping Stones as they prepare for 7th grade confirmation.

We’re excited to be part of the “wonderment” with our kids!


We also try to incorporate several service projects throughout the year. These projects may, on occasion, require outside the classroom participation. As examples, in the past, we have asked the children to collect "Coins of Compassion" for the Feed My Starving Children ministry, and to bring in food items for our Lutheran Food Bank and go to the Food Bank and stock the shelves. It is our hope that you will support and encourage your child’s enthusiasm in participating in these worthwhile ministries.

Please make sure you receive a copy of our Ministry Handbook for Parents and Youth-this handbook provides an overview of procedures and guidelines of our Ministry. Please read and discuss the handbook with your child. There are copies available at out Ministry table.

Many of our Parents also involve themselves by becoming Workshop facilitators, assistants, or substitutes. What a wonderful way to demonstrate to your child the significance of learning God's word! We invite you to visit the Children's Ministry table any Sunday to find out what opportunities are waiting for you.
We hope you’ll find encouragement in your role as a parent and a spiritual leader for your child. May these tools serve to remind you how important you are in nurturing your child’s spiritual life – and how blessed you are to be entrusted with this awesome responsibility!



Sunday Morning Faith Formation
Sunday Morning Registration

We offer Our Sunday Morning Faith Formation for ages 3yrs old (must be 3 by Sept. 1st) through 6th grade. If you have any questions, please contact

Regular Sunday School runs from 10:15-11:10 (August through May)... 3 year olds through 4th Grade...






Bible Fun and Friendship
Join us for Bible Fun and Friendship! Where Kids connect with God and each other! With games, instant skits, experiments and more, our kids spend their time doing the Bible Lesson, not just listening to it.  Contact
Check out the WOW page!

Children's Music Programs
Adoration Singers: Children in Pre-K through 2nd grade...are invited to join us for singing and games
J2E Worship group: Children in 3rd through 6th grade...are invited to join us for singing, drama, and games.
Both groups will share in worship one Sunday each month. 
Check out the WOW page!



As we enter a new season of faith formation, we are excited to be offering a new direction here at Love of Christ:

 Preschoolers through 4th graders will be growing their faith through the Godly Play curriculum.  Godly Play is about presenting God’s story.  It shares the Biblical story of God’s family and God’s intentions for us through his Son Jesus Christ.  It is in these sacred stories that our sense of Christian unity is stimulated, while at the same time providing a way of developing a sense of Christian identity.  In these sacred stories, we tell of God’s People and invite children, to become themselves, part of the story.  We cannot underestimate the power of stories.  Stories are a part of our lives…we relate to stories through storytelling, books, and often media.  It is through stories that we invite one another to make meaning of our world and ultimately our lives.  Stories connect us and bring to us identity.  Godly Play helps connect us to God’s story through the Scriptures.  We can hear and learn of a God who is constantly seeking us through the Word and wanting a meaningful relationship with us.  Each week the children, through storytelling, will be introduced to a new Bible story and then will have an opportunity to explore that week’s story or a previous week’s story in creative ways:  How do I fit in the story?   Who or where would I be in the story?   I wonder…


Love of Christ kids will also be learning about the Faith Stepping Stones:

Preschool and Kindergarten - Prayer

1st and 2nd grade – The Apostle’s Creed

3rd and 4th grade – The Ten Commandments



Faith Stepping Stones…

             When a family brings a child to be baptized, the child becomes a part of a larger family, the family of Christ.  That larger family, the church, promises on that day to pray for the family and assist in raising the child to become a mature Christian adult.  To help families fulfill these promises, we will be integrating two Faith Steps for our children in their journey of faith. 

Through this ministry, families are given tools that help them model and practice faith in the home.  These faith practices and discipleship are known as “the Four Apps of Faith”.  These four applications are: Caring Conversation, Devotion, Service, and Rituals and Traditions.  The Four Apps of Faith are modeled and practiced throughout our Faith Stepping Stones Ministry.  This ministry considers life as a journey that encounters God’s love and extends God’s love in Christ anytime and anywhere.  Faith Steps at Love of Christ involves children, youth, and parents in partnership with Sunday School teachers, staff, congregations, and pastors.