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Alleluia Ringers
Christmas Cantata Choir Rehearsal Times
Contemporary Worship Team
Musical for Kids
Soul Ringers
Summer Children's Music Camp July 12-16, 2021, 9-3pm
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Looking for Singers for a Virtual Christmas Cantata

Yes, we ARE going to have a Christmas Cantata this year! It won’t be the same as we have done before but we are going to do the best we can to celebrate Jesus Christ, our Savior’s birth. 

The cantata will be virtual on Sunday, Dec. 20th for 9:00 & 11:00 services

If you are interested in singing with us, contact Jung Csuy at for more information. It will be different and interesting but you will enjoy yourself.

A Virtual Christmas Cantata will be on Sunday, Dec. 20th for the 9:00 & 11:00AM services!

The only live music will be the Soul Ringers and Alleluia Ringers in the Center of Compassion. 

 The first rehearsal will be WEDNESDAY, October 7th

 The Soul Ringers:  4:30~5:30PM in the green room

Alleluia Ringers: 5:45~7:00PM in the green room

 Please contact Jung Csuy: to sign up!





CHOIR REHEARSAL TIMES - When they resume

Soul Ringers (Youth Hand Bell Choir) rehearsals start Tuesdays from 5:15pm ~6:15pm in the green room.

Alleluia Ringers (Hand Bell Choir) rehearsals start Tuesdays from 6:30pm ~8:00pm in the green room.

Women’s Ensemble rehearsals start Thursdays from 5:45pm ~6:30pm in the sanctuary.

Chancel Choir rehearsals start Thursdays from 6:30pm~8pm in the sanctuary.

What is needed for newcomers? Have Tuesday or Thursday nights FREE, have a teachable spirit, a heart for worship, a desire to grow musically and spiritually, the ability to sing in tune (bell ringers do not have to sing in tune!) I look forward to getting our choirs back into action! Contact Jung Csuy: or 480-832-2449.

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Youth Band - "Sounds of Salvation"

Sounds of Salvation, the Youth Praise Team, is open to all junior and high school students who are interested in sharing their musical talents to assist with leading worship.  Throughout the year, youth will have the opportunity to perform special music and intermittently lead worship at our 9am service.  Rehearsals are from 5:30pm-6pm on Wednesday evenings. Contact Jung Csuy at  or 480 832 2449 for more information.   


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Contemporary Worship Team - when they resume

Our 9am Contemporary Worship Team leads worship at the 9am service every Sunday. Rehearsals are at 8am before the service.  If you are interested in being part of the group. Please contact Jung Csuy to set up an audition and interview.  Potential worship team members must have a heart for Jesus, and excellent vocal or instrumental skills. Contact Jung Csuy at  or 480 832 2449 for more info!

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Women’s Ensemble - when they resume

Join our Women's Ensemble...Rehearsals are Thursdays from 5:45pm ~6:30pm in the green room. If you would like to “make a joyous noise unto the Lord” please contact Jung Csuy at . This vocal ensemble performs in the worship services 1~2 times per month.


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Chancel Choir - when they resume

The Chancel provides choral music for the 10:30am traditional service from September (Thursday after Rally Sunday) to May. Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7:00~8:30pm in the sanctuary. The music styles represent traditional classical worship music as well as gospel, spirituals, folk-based and ethnic traditional music, and festival pieces with brass, string instruments, piano, choir and soloists, as well as hymn arrangements. The music reflects the theme of the service and the church year calendar. We would love to have you join us in song and fellowship! Contact Jung Csuy at 480-832 2449 or   if you are interested in joining.

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Alleluia Ringers - when they resume

Alleluia Ringers (Bell choir) rehearsals are held Tuesdays from 6:30pm ~8:00pm in the green room! We are very eager to have you and will help you to learn ringing techniques.This group of musicians prepares pieces that enrich the Sanctuary worship, serving as the prelude or special anthems or accompanying hymns and choir anthems. If you are interested in joining, contact Jung Csuy at 480-832 2449 or .  

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Soul Ringers
Youth Bell Choir Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm when they resume.


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Summer Chime Camp