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The focus of Youth Ministry at Love of Christ is relational ministry. This language has been historically popular in Youth Ministry. Particularly, it has been popular as an instrument to get students in the doors of churches so they may be convinced to accept religious ideas. This model stirs questions regarding Faith Formation. Is faith simply an acceptance of ideas? Or is there something more, perhaps something transcendent, involved with faith? Martin Luther describes faith as a gift. This gift comes freely from God and cannot be reduced to human rationale and human behavior. 

We would like to propose that relationships are not an instrument. Rather, our relationships is where we encounter God.  If we take the time to reflect on our own faith journey, we would likely tell stories of people God placed in our lives, relationships that we had, and how God moved us, spoke to us, reached out to us through those relationships. 

This understanding of relational ministry, encountering, and then reflecting, on God in the midst of our relationships (our lives), is central to all we do in Youth Ministry at Love of Christ. We have instructional programs Confirmation and Youth Group, that help create and building upon foundations of faith in our young people.  

Below you will find different ministry opportunities and ways to connect through our Youth programs at Love of Christ. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email ( ), phone (office 480.681-0935), or find the Youth Ministry table in the Center of Compassion at our 9AM service on Sunday morning. 

If you are in grades 7-12 please join us Sunday Mornings from 10:15-11:15 for our Teens In Ministry (TIM) time. At 11:30AM, grades 7-9 are invited to come to our Confirmation classes. At Love of Christ, Confirmation is a 3 year program that seeks to affirm, and build upon, the foundations of the Christian faith through a Lutheran lens. It is a time when we seek to help young people "make faith their own" by diving into Scripture, and the life and teachings of Martin Luther.  On Sunday, grades 10-12 are welcome to hang out and enjoy lunch and free time in the youth room from 11:30-1:00PM. 

If you are in grades 7-12 you are invited to join us for our Wednesday Night Youth Group meetings. Dinner is provided at 5;30PM and Youth Group is from 6-7;30PM (ends May 13th).  



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(Faith, Life, Together)

5th & 6th Grade


Preteens are at a pivotal point in their faith.  They want to talk about faith but may lack the confidence to jump in. They’re eager to connect and make a difference but aren’t sure how.  BE BOLD helps navigate those waters by facilitating meaningful discussion and Bible exploration.  It’s not about having all the answers – it’s about being willing to listen to kids and explore what Scripture has to say.  BE BOLD turns questions into action and helps kids make a difference. They will experience the impact of faith in action through service to others. Our preteens will also be reviewing their Faith Stepping Stones as they prepare for 7th grade confirmation.

 We’re excited to be part of the “wonderment” with our kids!

Check out the bulletin and e-news for locations and more details for our Sunday, August 2nd kickoff!

Questions:  or

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Adults - We need your help:

  • Email coordinator (Sign Up Genius)


                  7-12th grade                  


 Junior High and High School Students!

 Dive Back into T.I.M.

(Teens in Ministry)

Meeting weekly in the Youth Room
at 10:15 – 11:10 a.m.

Fellowship, Bible Study and Service


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Welcome to our Relaxation Station!

7-9th grade every Sunday


Green Room

Check it out!



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Youth Band- "Sounds of Salvation"

Sounds of Salvation, the Youth Praise Team, is open to all junior and high school students who are interested in sharing their musical talents to assist with leading worship.  Throughout the year, youth will have the opportunity to perform special music and intermittently lead worship at our 9am service.  Rehearsals are from 5:30pm-6pm on Wednesday evenings. Contact Jung Csuy at  for more information.


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