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 The acolyte’s primary responsibility is assisting with communion.  When an acolyte is scheduled and is not present it may disrupt the worship service.  Acolytes benefit from this ministry in several ways:

  • They may be participating in a service they are unfamiliar with and thus have an opportunity to see and experience a different side of worship
  • “Serve” and thus be on “the other side” of things during worship which reinforces the concept that they are partners in the ministry
  • Opportunity to connect with the Lord as well.

 Confirmands can also sign up to read scripture, usher, or be greeters with their families.  Students can also serve as crucifers or communion helpers on festival Sundays such as Easter or Christmas.  Additionally, if you notice that an acolyte is not present during a service you can offer to assist, please ask Pastor or worship leadership if you can assist by lighting candles, or helping with communion.  You can sign up for acolyting by visiting the Sign-Up Genius link




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Confirmation Classes...
Sunday Morning Schedule and Calendar...

Youth Christian Education 2018-2019 
A Journey of Faith & Life Together.  Please make sure to register your youth!

Information can be found on the Youth table and the Children's Ministry table in the Center of Compassion (COC).
Sunday schedule:
10:15-11:10 Jr. High assist with Sunday School and service projects
10:15-11:10 Sr. High Bible Study in the Youth Room

11:15-11:30 snacks for Jr. and Sr. High
11:30-12:15 Confirmation classes for 7-9th Graders

Questions about Youth Ministry? Contact Renee at



Attention all 2018 Confirmands (10th graders to receive their confirmation) Specific information on due dates for confirmation materials:

 This year instead of each youth preparing a testimony to be shared with the board, the confirmand will prepare a testimony to be shared in person with Pastor Steve or with Intern Nanette.  This will be a written testimony to be submitted to and , and cc me no later than September 23.  They will meet with Pastor Steve or Intern Nanette in person to review this statement on Wednesday night, September 26, 7:30-8PM, or Wednesday night, October 3, 7:30-8PM.  After their in person review, they will make any necessary corrections and will submit a final written copy of their testimony by October 14 to Pastor, Nanette and Renee Bennett. Their testimonies along with their discipleship projects will be complied into a booklet that will be handed out on October 28 to the congregation.

 Times to meet will be 5:30-7:30 PM on either September 26 or October 3.  Meetings will be 15 minutes.  Please respond to asap with the time you request and we will make a master list.

September 26                   October 3
5:30-5:45                            5:30-5:45
5:45-6:00                            5:45-6:00
6:00-6:15                            6:00-6:15
6:15-6:30                            6:15-6:30
6:30-6:45                            6:30-6:45
6:45-7:00                            6:45-7:00

The written testimony should include the following:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
  • What does it mean to love my neighbor?
  • Why did they choose their Bible verse? What does it mean to them?
  • How does their discipleship project demonstrate what it means to follow Jesus? (or how does it relate to their Bible verse?)
    • In essence this should be their personal Affirmation of Faith.  It is a personal faith statement.  Why do they believe what they believe?
    • This should be at least one paragraph long.


Other tasks to be completed:


  • Chose a confirmation Bible verse that the youth will read out loud to the congregation during their confirmation celebration. This must be submitted in writing to Renee along with the correct full spelling of their name as they would like it to appear on their certificate (due October 14. Same date as final testimony.)
  • Submit to Renee Bennett a picture of the youth’s discipleship project along with a description of what they did (due October 14)
  • The youth will receive their Confirmation stoles on October 14. They are asked to personalize their stoles for the celebration on October 28.


On Sunday, October 28:

  • Confirmand to arrive no later than 8:30 AM and meet in room 48 wearing “Sunday attire” and with decorated stole. 
  • Confirmands process into the COC and will be seated on the altar level of the stage.  After they are confirmed they will sit with their family.
  • Your family is invited to come up to bless your child when their name is called.  We will have seating reserved for confirmation families.
  • Each child will read their Confirmation Bible verse prior to kneeling to receive their blessing.
    • While they are reading their verse, their picture of them performing their discipleship project will appear on the screen along with their verse.



Upcoming Events





What’s new on Sunday mornings?

Faith Formation Sunday!

Parents and children learn together

One Sunday a month

 Register your Children!!!!

Sunday school, Confirmation, and WOW paperwork on youth and children’s ministry tables.


Adults - We need your help:

  • Email coordinator (Sign Up Genius)
  • Help with Youth Auction fundraiser (see youth table)
  • Please start to collect your high-end auction items for dinner auction (Feb 24)


ATTENTION ALL 10th GRADE Confirmation students:

This year each youth will prepare a testimony to be shared in person with Pastor Steve or with Nanette.  This will be a written testimony to be submitted to and , and cc no later than September 23.  

Times to meet will be 5:30-7:30 PM on either September 26 or October 3.  Meetings will be 15 minutes.  Please respond to asap with the time you request and we will make a master list.


WHEN? September 23

WHERE? The Youth Room

WHAT? This Bible Study will be like no other!

We will meet twice a month (1st & 3rd Sunday of every month)

We kick off each Month with a bible study based on leadership

Then we apply this leadership in a service project every 3rd week of the month


                  7-12th grade                  


Are You Good at planning?

Are you creative?

Do you like to do projects?

Do you simply want to be a part of the youth leadership?








Welcome to our Relaxation Station!

7-9th grade every Sunday


Green Room

Check it out!


Friday, November 2-Saturday, November 3

Sign-up at the youth table

$20 donation




Senior High Fast Food Formal

Get dressed up and eat lots of food with your friends!!!!

 Wednesday, December 5

6:00-9:00 PM

(bring your own money)




Senior high event!!!!                     Invite Friends! 

FRIDAY, October 5

8PM – 8AM


  • Laser tag
  • Games
  • Campfire
  • Swimming
  • Sunrise
  • Breakfast

See youth table to sign up


“A Night in the Superstitions”

Sit down dinner with open bar

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Tickets are $75 per person

Live and online auction

All proceeds go to support our youth program scholarships

*This is our only fundraiser for 2019*

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  • . TIROSH (Youth version of Cursillo)  has been scheduled for January 18-21, 2019 (See "More Ministries" for details).

Wednesday Night Youth Group 

 Wednesday night 6-7:30 is youth group night for all youth 7-12th grade...
**We could use 1 or 2 more adult leaders during this event.** We meet every Wednesday for fun and fellowship (unless otherwise noted on the youth calendar). Adam Stein, our contemporary music leader, has been introducing our time together with 15 minutes of music and worship. Our senior high youth leadership team, C.R.E.W. ends many of the evenings with a brief testimony. This is a wonderful way to take a short break mid-week and join your fellow Christian friends for fun and fellowship! It is also a great way to make new friends. Feel free to invite others. The more the merrier!!

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Youth Band

 Are you in Jr. or Sr. High and have an interest in sharing your musical gift with others? Then join our Youth Band called, “Elisha and the She-bears”. Contact Kiernan at   for more info!

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Our kids are awesome and they are doing amazing things!
Youth News will resume in September
I need your news:
• Birthdays
• Upcoming dance or music recitals
• Sporting events
• Art shows or exhibits
• Science fairs, clubs, scouting….
***See youth table for more details***
Or send your info to
***our newsletter is changing to quarterly***
Submit your info now

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  A bit about our Director of Christian Education 

Renee Bennett has been our youth director since 2015 and recently became our Director of Christian Education.  She was a volunteer for the youth program here at Love of Christ for 12 years and was a volunteer youth director in Connecticut prior to moving to Arizona.  Renee has over 20 years of teaching, Bible education and youth experience.  She has a BA from the University of Connecticut.  Her corporate work experience includes MCI, SPRINT, EQUANT and a few market research companies most recently working as a VP of sales in NYC prior to leaving corporate America to work with kids.