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Love of Christ as a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) supports both short-term and long-term missionaries who are currently serving in 40 countries around the globe, as well as in partnership with over 80 Lutheran Global Companion churches.  One of the fastest growing areas of global service has been the placement of young adults serving for one year in one of those global companion congregations.  Through the work of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, over 90 cents on every dollar donated goes directly to support reducing hunger and poverty around the globe.

In 2016, support from congregations and individuals to ELCA World Hunger totaled over $21.9 million 

From Alaska to Alabama, from Chile to China, these gifts are hard at work helping our neighbors near and far break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Your generous giving makes it possible for ELCA World Hunger to be present throughout the United States and throughout the world. In 2017, we are supporting:


  • 347 projects in 46 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
  • 62 countries, including the United States


For more information about the ELCA:


Global Mission


Young Adults in Global Mission


ELCA World Hunger Appeal



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272,000 Meals – 1,360 Volunteers

Sign up at the special ministry table or click on below link. Let’s fill our volunteer slots. Invite your family, neighbors and friends and consider packing more than one shift.


Our Next FMSC Event... 160,704 meals packed during our recent event – We have now packed over 1.5 million meals as a congregation.


November 1-3, 2018
Mark Your Calendar for our next Packing Event!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday September 24th – Public registration opens

Ages 5 to 105!




272,000 Meals – 1,360 Volunteers

 What is the most joy you will ever experience with a hairnet on? Just ask anyone at church who has packed “Feed My Starving Children” meals. Your hearts and your hands have provided hope and a “dream” for countless children who would otherwise have perished without knowing the Love of Christ. This love has been brought into their lives through the 1.6 million meals you have funded and packed since 2008. Nearly everyone in our congregation has provided support for this ministry over the years, whether by providing financial support, packing meals, or serving on our core team at our “Mobilepack” events.

This year our congregation will step out in faith again as we sponsor one of our largest “Mobilepack” events ever, packing over 272,000 meals on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd . Our congregation has been blessed financially this year. This event is fully-funded by a bequest from a non-LOC member that Pastor Steve was able to direct to this event and, as a result, all donations received this year will be used to support future packing events. 

 Our challenge this year will be signing up 1,360 volunteers to get the meals packed. First of all, this means “all hands on deck”. Secondly, this will mean reaching out to our friends, our families, and other churches and organizations outside our church.


In Uganda: Joy and Confidence Replace Painful Stigma

“When Joseph was about 20 years old he was beaten by people and was set on fire, the reason to this time is unknown to me, and I grieved and felt very sad. We got his ash and buried him.” So begins Joel Tonny Mwesigwa’s story as to how he became the director of the Boanerges Deaf Initiative in Uganda. His brother, Joseph, lost his hearing after a childhood illness. In Uganda, being deaf is seen as a curse, taboo or a shame to the family. A common name for the deaf in Uganda is “kasiru,” meaning a foolish one, Joel explains in a written testimony.

“My family’s, like many other families, attitude towards Joseph changed,” he writes. “[Joseph] ceased to be that special child he was. School stopped, and no one would care if he is home or not. I saw his life changing from bad to worse every day. I learned many things about how deaf people are treated. To me he remained a friend, but with a great barrier: no language and no communication.”

Years later, as a Sunday school teacher, a deaf boy began to cling to Joel. Then another deaf boy would come around, and another. He realized God was calling him to serve deaf children in Uganda and started the Boanerges Deaf Initiative (BDI). He heard God say, “This is the ministry I give you.”

“It was hard to take, but I had the pain in my heart for Joseph and I thought they may end up like Joseph if I don’t serve them,” Joel said. “I started seeing Joseph in each one of them and I loved serving them, even to this very moment.” Many Ugandans believe that educating a deaf child is a waste of money, time and resources, according to BDI. The organization believes that change in Uganda will come through providing education to deaf children. They provide love, acceptance and an education to deaf children and their families and aim to glorify Christ in all that they do.

BDI is showing Christ’s love to 55 children in their program and they serve MannaPack Rice for lunch and dinner every day of the week thanks to the support of Feed My Starving Children and the meals you pack.

Contact Walter Scott at

 “Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” Matt.25:40





 The African Orphans Project (AOP) would like to thank the members of Love of Christ that have donated towards building the next house in Shongweni, South Africa. 

Once again the African Orphans Project (AOP) was responsible for brightening the holidays for 45 families in Shongweni, South Africa.  Each family living in the homes that we built received a gift of essential  food items such as flour, rice, oil and more. These gifts also were given to the crèche, teachers in our day school and Pastor Thwala.  Our gifts were accepted in a thank you letter from Avi Products Ltd on behalf of the Shongweni beneficiaries.

The AOP also received a report that everything is going well at the Shongweni sewing group.  The ladies are still working hard and the trainer, Thandi  from Embocraft, still comes to them once a month for mentoring.

The news for 2018 is that our plans are going ahead for a day school in the Durbin area.  The German missionary group has completed the purchase of the Renshaw Road Church and the existing crèche is under their control.  It has been operating in the basement of the church and it will be remodeled and expanded in the church hall.  Partial funding for the remodel will be done by the German group and we (AOP) will fund the balance.  As a result, there is a need for equipment and supplies and some funding for new teachers for the extra classrooms.  We (AOP) have reviewed their needs and have decided to be responsible for some of the finances including the following:

50% of the teacher's salary for the first year along with tables, chairs, cabinets, mattresses and blankets, toys, carpeting and shelves.  This is meant to be a temporary short time fix to allow for an increase in the number of children and new teachers. We will be meeting with the representatives in 2018 to discuss the building of permanent classrooms on the church property.

The Lord has blessed the African Orphans Project with dedicated volunteers and leaders to accomplish impossible tasks and funds to carry out his mission of providing shelter to innocent orphaned children.

Please continue to keep the AOP in your prayers.

Ken Ondrejko