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Minutes from our 2/25 Annual Congregational Meeting

Intern Pastor Nanette Christofferson


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Welcome, Nanette Christofferson as our Full-time Intern Pastor! 
Though Nanette has been with us since January as our very part-time Pastoral Assistant, on September 1 she will start her full-time student internship at Love of Christ.  She and her husband, Mark, are in the process of renting a house in the East Valley and she will be serving and learning among us 40-50 hours a week until August 30, 2019.  During this time it is important that we remember she is still considered a student, and the twelve months ahead will involve intentional and at times intensive practical skill development.  We know that she has already expressed capable gifts and skills among us, but please remember this is a year focused on learning and developing.  She will be meeting weekly with Pastor Steve and serve under his supervision.  An Internship Committee has been formed who will meet with her monthly to support, encourage, pray and provide feedback.  She will sometimes shadow Pastor Steve and other times she will be given freedom to use her many gifts.  She will be investing in all aspects of pastoral ministry: Preaching, Worship Leadership, Pastoral Care, Faith Formation, Administration, and Outreach.  Pastor Steve will be doing three different evaluations of her along with the Internship Committee providing two. Because she is not yet ordained she cannot preside at Holy Communion or officiate at baptisms.  In Summer of 2019 she will meet with the Grand Canyon Synod Candidacy Committee to sit for her approval interview.  Upon approval she will be available for call as an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, she will become available for assignment to a synod and then open to be called by a congregation.  It is possible that she might become a candidate for an Associate Pastor position at Love of Christ, but the congregation has to demonstrate a commitment to support a full-time second pastor, and both the congregation and Nanette will need to sense that the Lord is leading to a call at Love of Christ.  Before jumping to calling her as our second pastor, we need to focus on making this the best year of learning for her, and continue to provide gracious hospitality to her and her husband Mark.  We are fortunate to have her want to do her internship here, when many other pastors would welcome the chance for their congregation to be so blessed.  Thanks for being a part of Nanette’s Learning Laboratory!


Grand Canyon Synod Assembly News

At the June 14-16, 2018 Grand Canyon Synod Assembly at Resurrection Lutheran Church, Oro Valley, AZ voting members from across the synod including Pastor Steve Talmage, Karen and Lee Humbert, Dan and Tami Wilke, and Clyde Anderson will be electing a new bishop to serve six years.  Please keep all the voting members and candidates in your prayers that the Holy Spirit will identify the right person with the right gifts to lead our Synod.  We also want to give thanks for Bishop Lowell Almen, who will complete his service as Interim Bishop on August 31.

The Grand Canyon Synod is one of 65 synods in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA is a church of more than 4 million members who actively participate in God’s work in the world. We believe that we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. There are approximately 89 congregations in the Grand Canyon Synod, including new mission starts. The territory of this synod is the State of Arizona; the counties of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye in the State of Nevada; and New Promise Lutheran Church, in St. George, Utah.

For more information about the synod profile you can go to


Minutes from Love of Christ Lutheran Church Annual Meeting
February 25, 2018 11:30 am
135 voting members present

Call to Order by Church Board President, Melissa Riner- Motion made by Art Schenkel to call the meeting to order with a quorum present. Seconded by Clyde Anderson.

Opening Prayer by Pastor Talmage/ Pastor calls for a motion to approve the agenda with an amendment. Motion made by Dick Beckman. Seconded by Dave Spice. Motion carried.

Minutes presented by Board Secretary, Nicole Cumberledge from the last three Annual Congregational Meetings held Feb. 12, 2017, Special Congregational Meetings held March 12, 2017 and Dec. 3, 2017. Motion made by Nicole Cumberledge to approve minutes of the last three Congregational Meetings written and amended. Seconded by Virginia Williams. Motion carried.

2016 audit report, performed by CPA firm Romek, Sanders and Co., presented by Dick Beckman.

Introduction of board nominees.

Motion made by Penny Day to nominate the following candidates for election as Church Board Members for 2018:  Continuing-Melissa Riner(3 years-2019), Nicole Cumberledge (3 years-2019), Ex-Officio Pastor Steve Talmage. Candidates-Steve Aman, Clyde Anderson, Chuck Cusack, Patti DeLaney, Al Gjersvig, Karen Humbert, Michael Obert, Jr., and Dan Wilke. Motion seconded by Art Schenkel. Motion carried.

Voting process explained by Pastor Steve. Prayer. Ballots Distributed. Votes cast and collected.

Thank you to outgoing Board Members-Ted Trembath, Dave Spice, and Beth Hesse.

Pastor Steve moves to add to the agenda: On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Board retreat, terms will be assigned to board members to rebalance incoming and outgoing board members. Jodi Bogushefsky seconded. Motion carried.

Pastor Steve moves to vote on the terms assigned to board members at the retreat. Marge West seconded. Motion carried.

Written report given by Pastor Talmage, President’s Report by Melissa Riner, Membership by Dianne Oien, Readers by Sharon Randall and Nancy Tollefson, Book Nook by Penny Day and Barb Hummel, Small Group Ministry by Walter Scott, Preschool by Janice Herron, WOW Coordinator by Heather Parker, Youth Christian Education by Renee Bennett, Music Ministry by Jung Csuy and Adam Stein, Stephen Ministry by Karla Harvey, Prayer Chapel by Rick and Barbara Otto, I-Help by Jackie Rensel, and Operations by Dick Beckman. Motion made by Char Kraus to accept the written reports. Seconded by Dick Beckman. Motion carried.

Presentation of report on 2017 actual budget results and presentation of 2018 budget made by Dick Beckman. Motion made by Dick Beckman to approve the 2017 finance report. Seconded by Jackie Rensel. Motion carried.

Motion made by Dick Beckman to approve the 2018 budget of $1,036,671. Seconded by Sally Anderson. Motion carried.

Motion made by Trisha Waichulaitis and seconded by Char Kraus to declare Clyde Anderson, Patti DeLaney, Al Gjersvig, Karen Humbert, Michael Obert Jr., and Dan Wilke to serve on the LOC Board. Motion carried.

Thanks given by Pastor for faithfulness, commitment, and dedication of the Board, staff, and members of LOC.

Motion made by Dick Beckman to adjourn the meeting with The Lord’s Prayer. Seconded by Robbie Robinson. Motion carried.


At the Board Retreat on March 3, the following terms were assigned to the newly elected: 1 Year Term, with eligibility to be elected for two succeeding three year terms: Clyde Anderson and Dan Wilke; 2 Year Term, with eligibility to be elected for one more succeeding three year term: Al Gjersvig and Mike Obert; 3 Year Term, with eligibility to be elected for one more succeeding three year term: Karen Humbert; and second 3 Year Term, not eligible for re-election: Patti Delaney.   They join Melissa Weiss-Riner, who has two years remaining and Nicole Cumberledge who has one year remaining on existing terms to serve on the Board.  Also at the Board Retreat the following were elected to serve as officers for the 2018-2019 term: President, Patti DeLaney; Vice-President, Melissa Weiss-Riner; Secretary, Karen Humbert; and Treasurer, Mike Obert.


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