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Special Congregational Meeting Oct. 7 Update


127 voting members were present with a quorum of 62 required to conduct the meeting.  Pastor Steve provide the background leading to and the reason for the meeting.  Treasurer Mike Obert presented the information on the previous two Capital Campaigns, which were included in 10/3 ENews distribution. Real Estate Broker Ted Knoell provided an explanation of the marketability and potential value of the property (current estimate $410-$450,000 for both parcels).  The recommended marketing strategy will be to directly approach known small parcel home builders in the area, where inventory of vacant land is in short supply. 

 All motions were approved:

#1 93 in favor, 7 against to sell both parcels with all proceeds going to principal debt reduction

#2 85 in favor, 1 against  contracting with Broker Ted Knoell to serve as our selling agent

#3 87 in favor, 1 against to approve beginning at three-year capital campaign, directed by ourselves, with a goal of $550,000 to be raised in over and above giving to LoC starting January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2022.  67% of gifts to the Campaign would be directed to principal debt reduction

It is hoped with the sale of the land, we can redirect $30,000.00 a year previously going to debt service to mission and ministry.  If the Campaign goal is reached, and additional $30-$35,000 per year would be redirected.

 Because of the generous and faithful stewardship of the followers of Jesus at LoC, we are approaching the end of the year in a strong financial position to meet our budgeted obligations and address additional ministry needs.  On behalf of the Board of LoC thank you for your trust and continued generosity.  "Debt Reduction leads to Mission Expansion."

An additional motion was to elect the following to serve on our Nominating Committee:

Steve Aman

Doris Creaser

Penny Day

Char Kraus

Jackie McGarry








“Love Always, Lenny”
Friday, January 18, 2019, 7pm
in the Center of Compassion

Friday, January 18, 2019 is a date you must mark in your calendar… right now! We have the extraordinary privilege of hosting the Phoenix Opera here in our CoC.  They will be performing “Love Always, Lenny” a musical celebration in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein. Some of his music that you may be familiar with is: West Side Story, On the Town and Candide, as well as songs by Gershwin and Copland, who inspired and influenced Bernstein’s compositions.  I feel pretty, I’ve got Rhythm, Summertime, Maria and so much more, including narration and anecdotes by Metropolitan Opera’s Gail Dubinbaum, a favorite Mezzo-Soprano of Maestro Bernstein.

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a fabulous evening of wonderful music. You won’t have to go to Phoenix, pay for parking and walk to the opera house.  You can wear fancy clothing or be casual! Our parking lot is FREE!! You can enjoy refreshments at intermission and chat with your friends. You can enrich your soul with this beautiful music in the comfort of Love of Christ Church, something you shouldn’t pass up. 


Ticket sales  on Sundays after each service or by going to "Give" (see above button), "Donate", "Other" on this website to complete the information and submit.  You will then be on a "Paid" list for the night of the performance.  

$18 per adult, $10 per child (9 years old and above) and $25 at the door (January 18, 2019)



New Pictorial Directory!  
Sign up today!

Additional  dates & times available!

It has been five years since we had our last LOC Pictorial Directory!

We all know that Pastor Steve likes to be able to call people by their name!

Pictures will be taken in the Leadership room – next to church office.

 Lifetouch will begin taking pictures on the following dates:

Wednesday, February 6th, 1PM to 8PM

Thursday, February 7th – 1PM to 8PM

Friday, February 8th  -  1PM to 8PM

Saturday, February 9th – 10AM to 5PM

Three opportunities to sign up: online, at the ministry table or at our website www.loveochristchurch.net – click on “What’s going on” and then “Special Events”.

 The link to sign up online is: 

 https://booknow-lifetouch.appointment-plus.com/yk0zes90.  Any questions please contact Dianne Oien at or 480-681-0941. 



Pictorial Volunteer as Host/Hostess!

New dates added!
Sign up to be a host/hostess to greet people when they arrive for their portrait session.  
The dates are Wed. Feb. 6th, Thurs. Feb. 7th, Fri. Feb. 8th & Sat. Feb. 9th. 
Times each day are:


12:45 to 2:45

2:45 to 4:45

4:45 to 7:45


9:45 to 11:45

11:45 to 1:45

1:45 to 3:45

Any questions please contact Dianne Oien at

or 480-681-0941.   Thanks!




Pancake Breakfast, Feb. 3

Girl Scout Cookie Sales, Feb. 3

Scout Sunday & Pancake Breakfast, Feb. 3

LOC Troop 301

Please join LOC Troop 301 for our Scout Sunday breakfast on February 3. The Scouts will be serving pancakes, bacon or sausage, juice, and coffee from 7:30 am to 11:00 am in the COC Rms. 48-50.

All donations will go toward the purchase of Troop gear and camping scholarships.

Please come hungry and enjoy a good breakfast. For more information contact Keith Beeman Scoutmaster Troop 301(480) 227-7974 or email to

Girl Scout Cookie Sales
Troop 1775 will be selling Girl Scout cookies for $5/$6 a box*, at all three services on Scout Sunday, February 3. We hope you can donate an extra box of cookies to the I-HELP ladies. Your purchase helps pay for field trips, supplies, badges and more! Thanks for your support!  .  *The core 6 (Thin Mints, Savannah Smiles, Tagalongs, Do-Si-dos, Samoas, and Trefoils) are $5/box and the S'Mores and Gluten Free Toffee-Tastics are $6/box .





Sun., & Mon., Feb. 17 & 18—Large Item Pick Up*
*Call or email Jung Csuy 480 832 2449 or


Monday, Feb. 18-21 DROP OFF ITEMS



                The music ministry is running the rummage sale in February! When you’re cleaning out closets this season, take the great things that you no longer want and save them for the rummage sale. It will be held on February 22 & 23 (Friday, 1pm-7pm & Saturday from 8AM ~1PM. If you have any articles that are in great condition and think that we can sell them, drop  them off at the church.  With such a huge sale, we also need many helpers during the week of  Feb. 18~21 (Monday~ Thursday).  We will be  sorting, organizing, pricing, and receiving  the items as they come in. If you can spare a little time it will make a big difference.  I am so blessed with our generous congregation (I honestly think of all of you as my family). Last year we had so many helpers from the congregation that the preparation for sale went very smoothly.  Many people generously gave  2~3 hours any day that they could and  we were ready to sell by Friday.  That is why we decided to have two days of sale this year!

  Please make that happen this year as well!  We also need strong macho youth/men to pick up the big items on Sunday, Feb. 17 and Monday, Feb. 18. There will be a sign-up sheet on the ministry table.  Thank you for your support of Music Ministry! I am looking forward to having a great year! Jung Csuy




“A Night in the Superstitions”
Superstition Manor 1220 N. Signal Butte Rd., Mesa

Sit down dinner with open bar

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Tickets are $75 per person

Live and online auction

All proceeds go to support our youth program scholarships

*This is our only fundraiser for 2019*

visit: http://nightinthesuperstitiions.com to purchase tickets.