30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Pictures
30th Anniversary Celebration
500th Anniversary of The Reformation

Altar Flowers
Back to School Clothing & Backpack Round-Up
Craft and Vendor Fair
Grace Church Summer Heat Respite Program
Free Martial Arts

The 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation
On the trail with Martin Luther...Did you know that Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in the small town of Eisleben?  When his younger brother received the inheritance (including five farms) from his parents, Martin’s father, Hans, moved the family from Moehra (near Eisenach) to be a lease holder in the copper mine in neighboring Mansfield.  (Today you can visit Hoehra and visit the museum and see Luther’s statue in the town square.)  On the next day after his birth in Eisleben the ice was broken in the baptismal font and Luther was immersed in the chilly waters and named “Martin” after Martin of Tours, whose feast day was November 11.  The present baptismal font in the church is not the one in which Martin was baptized but comes from the same era.  A few months after Luther was born, the family moved to Mansfeld where Luther went to elementary school.  Luther later said that his education was like going to hell and purgatory.  Luther died in February of 1546 in Eisleben while on the way to settle a quarrel between the brother counts of Mansfeld.

Altar Flower Charts Available...
You can give flowers in honor of a special occasion, in memory of a loved one, or to the Glory of God! The Altar Flower Chart is at the Ministry Tables on Sunday mornings. Altar flowers are $30 per arrangement and may be taken home following the service you attend. please sign the Flower Chart, or call Darlene at 480 981-6199 x 10, or email .

Free Martial Arts Education...
The Center for Humane Living (CHL) is partnering with Love of Christ Church to work together towards our shared goal to serve the community. LOC’s COC building is a new location where CHL is providing free, quality, and comprehensive Martial Arts education for Youth and Adults on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 7:45pm. The Center for Humane Living (CHL) is a non-profit organization that offers no-cost martial arts classes using an innovative approach to traditional martial arts education that teaches Life and Relationship Skills, Character and Leadership Development, and Conflict Resolution with the discipline of formal training.
 For more information please contact Joe Bogushefsky at 480-455-9829 or send an email to Please visit CHL’s website at www.centerforhumaneliving.org.

Grace in the City Mark your Calendar Sunday June 18th!
We will once again be supporting Grace Lutheran Church with their summer heat respite program by collecting cases of water on Sundays. Set the water by your car and we’ll pick it up. If you are able to help pick up water on Sunday mornings contact Walter at

Sat. November 18th... Love of Christ will be hosting its sixth annual Craft & Vendor Fair (Open to Public) on Saturday, November 18th. NOTE: items for sale do not need to be handmade. Open registration will begin July 1st so contact Barbie Berry to make sure you get a space! Prior year vendors will receive applications in June. Watch the Facebook page for more details in May. If you would like more information, you can contact Barbie Berry at .

Back to School Clothing & Backpack Round-Up will be held July 9,16 & 23! The Saguaros will be up in our narthex and we will be collecting Back to School Clothing for Lutheran Social Services and Backpacks & School Supplies for the LaMesita Women’s Shelter/New Leaf Foundation. So, get on board and round-up some school supplies and clothes. Do your part, partner, and help some needy children!
For more information on the clothing donations to Lutheran Social Services, contact Kathy Doody at and for the School Supplies & Backpacks, contact Pat Shaw at .

The 30th Anniversary Celebration Continues...$30K for 30 Years Update!
As a part of our 30th anniversary celebration as a congregation, we initiated a drive last November to raise $30,000, with the funds to be equally divided between paying-off our new electronic signage, and paying-forward a stimulus to newly-organized Crossroads Lutheran Church which is located just south of us in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Donations of $6K each were made to the sign and Crossroads Lutheran Church. We still owe $12K on the sign.
30th anniversary envelopes are available in main entrances to Sanctuary and COC. We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you to make a donation if you have not yet done so.