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Day 1 From the Holy Land with Pastor Nanette Christofferson

Hello Love of Christ Faith Community!

Greetings from Tiberias, Israel. Our tour begins in Tiberias where we are staying for 3 days near the Sea of Galilee. Our hotel is right by the lake and the sunrise this morning was breathtaking. There is so much to say but our internet is not very trustworthy so I am sending a couple of highlights from the day.

We went to Nazareth where we saw and entered The Basilica of the Annunciation. It is believed this is where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she will be the mother of God’s son as below this church is the cave where Mary lived. While it can be hard to imagine, most people lived in homes that were more like caves or built into the side of a mountain. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go down into the cave, but the church that is built above it is absolutely beautiful. This church was dedicated in 1964 when the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Church met for the first time since the schism of 1054.

Basilica of the Annunciation.

We also visited Mt. Carmel. It was truly remarkable to think that the prophet Elijah, through the work of God, defeated the priests and prophets of Baal. (The account is in 1 Kings 19.) Our guide told us a little bit about Baal who was the god of fertility and all that grows. Baal was so important to Queen Jezebel that she wanted the God of the Israelites destroyed by destroying all the people who worshipped the God of Israel. I believe we all remember how God defeated Baal.

Statue of Elijah at the top of Mt. Carmel.

Another highlight for both of us was Mt. Tabor. This is the mountain on which the Transfiguration took place. There is also a church there and the grounds were very beautiful and as you can see the views spectacular.

Photo take from Mount Tabor.

Church of the Transfiguration along with our Tour Guides from left to right. Riz, Bishop Hutterer, Marcia Holman, Pastor Mark Holman and Pastor Nanette.

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