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Day 8 From the Holy Land with Pastor Nanette Christofferson

January 11, 2023

Greetings Love of Christ Lutheran Church!

Today we left the holy sights of Jerusalem and left Palestine and Israel. We crossed the Jordan River and entered the kingdom of Jordan into what our tour guide calls God’s Land. We began with a visit to Mt. Nebo. Anyone remember what happened on Mt. Nebo? (Deuteronomy 34) This is the place where Moses gazed over the Promised Land before he died. At the top we saw the uncoverings of an annex from 530 ACE. In the 1900's the Fransciscans uncovered these beautiful mosaics. From the top we were able to see the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, and parts of the Holy Land. (See pictures)

Mosaic Tiles Uncovered by Franciscans

Top of Mt. Nebo

Upon leaving the top of the mountain our tour guide took us to a place in which American, Queen Noor, 1978-1999, supports a philanthropy project for children with special needs. We saw amazing art work done using all different kinds of tiles. The artwork is beautiful and takes not only a lot of time and talent but also patience. (See picture)

Tile Making

From Mt. Nebo we took a long drive to Petra where we will tour tomorrow and then head to Amman.

Holding Love of Christ in prayer,

Pastor Nanette and Mark

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