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Below are connections and resources to our local community, our Love of Christ community, our Grand Canyon Synod community, our churchwide Evangelical Lutheran Church in America community and beyond. To see what is coming up next, check out our Events Page, and Contact Us if you have questions or would like more information.

Church Picnic and the Burning of the Mortgage:

On Sunday May 7th we had a church picnic where we shared in fellowship and the burning of our mortgage. Thank you to all who helped! Below you can see pictures and a video from the picnic.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Love of Christ is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA) congregation. The ECLA is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States. The ELCA is a church of more than 3 million members who actively participate in God's work in the world. We believe that we are free in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. We are a church that believes God is calling us into the world - together.

Grand Canyon Synod

The ELCA has 65 synods, we are a part of the Grand Canyon Synod. The territory of the Grand Canyon Synod includes the State of Arizona; the counties of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye in the State of Nevada; and New Promise Lutheran Church, in St. George Utah. Synods unite the work of congregations within their areas, serve as regional support, and guide pastoral and other staff candidates.

Meals on Wheels: Adult Nutrition

Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that provides older Americans with nutritious meals and safety checks at little to no cost. Click the button below to find out more about Meals on Wheels.

Assisted Living Information

A note from 

"Many aging adults and their families are unaware of the different care options and programs available to them. One that is growing in popularity with families is assisted living, which is designed to maximize independence and quality of life. So we created a free resource that provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support and assisted living options that are available in their area. You can read more on by clicking the buttons below."

Rehabilitation Services:

The link below is a resources for obtaining addiction rehabilitation services.

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