Our mission: “As the people of God we are called, gathered, and sent to proclaim the grace and love of Jesus Christ.”

“The vision of the Love of Christ Lutheran Church Endowment is to provide a vehicle to receive, manage and distribute enduring gifts to nurture faith among current and future generations, both locally and globally.”

What is an Endowment?

Nonprofit endowments are donations pooled together and invested. The investment income is available to support the organization's mission. The principle (the original gifts) continue to be invested and thus generate a long-term stream of income. The principle can grow through donations to the endowment.

how is the love of christ endowment distributed?

The fund is administered by a committee of seven members.  Five members are elected by the congregation and the other two members are our senior pastor, and one board member. The committee is responsible for investing the fund principle and recommends grants for approval by the church board.  

How can I participate?

•    Cash gifts
•    Gifts by will
•    Stocks, bonds, real estate
•    Life insurance and annuities
•    IRA, profit sharing, 401k distributions
•    Trusts and trust distributions
•    Life insurance agreements
•    Collectibles and other assets
•    Low cost basis stocks 

How is the Love of Christ Lutheran Church Endowment distributed?

•    20% Outreach into the community and synod
•    20% Missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
•    20% Capital Improvements, debt reduction, or building programs of LoC Lutheran Church
•    Remaining 40% to be distributed by the endowment committee to the above mentioned categories. The maximum distribution to any mission category is 40%

may i designate a gift to the endowment?

Yes. Non-designated gifts will follow the distribution formula previously outlined.  However, some donors may want to set up an endowment within our endowment to support the Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, a specific outreach ministry, or to provide scholarships for children and youth.


Contact Pastor Steve Talmage (stevetalmage@loclc.org) or you can send a request to endowment@loclc.org and someone from the committee will reach out to you.

Get Your House In Order

These videos are an invitation and source of resources for all who are willing to know that life is a gift and death is a reality. While we are alive we have an opportunity to steward and manage the decisions regarding our end of life plans, our beneficiaries, and legal documentation. Our appeal is from the perspective of pastors who often are left to walk with family members in grief being forced to make major decisions, that could have been made by the loved one they are grieving.